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Welcome to SPCOSPLAYWe're cosplay enthusiasts! Firstly,we're long-term loyal fans of superhero movies,games and comics and we also are a designer and manufacturer for cosplay costumes now. We consider us like many people around the world who love Comics and superheros as well as many video games. The enthusiasm for these characters brings us here. Here, we will give you a full guide on how to choose a suitable costume or pieces like cosplay helmet, pants, boots and other accessories. You will be looking astonishing in our costumes! So, let's take a try.

Prior notice:

We respect all the copyright owners of movies, animations, games, characters and etc. All of our costumes are re-designed and we don't use images or pictures that infringe the copyright, such as animations, cartoons, games , movies and others. Please contact us if there's a violation and we will delete that product shortly after we receive your notice.

About our product:

Mainly, our costumes are from superhero movies or games. We will track the latest trending and design our costumes to make sure that they can fit different body types. Whether you want to be a superheros character, cartoon show hosts and attendees, there are plenty options for you.

All of our cosplay costumes(top,pants,boots accessories) are made of top quality. The material and dyes we use are eco-friendly and you will have no worry purchasing here!

About the design:

SPCOSPLAY is the best place for you to get a top costume. We provide both adult and kids sizes available here. All the products and pictures on our site are owned by us. Thus, any violation such as using our content without our consent will be considered as  infringement and we our lawyers will file a compliant. Please notice that if you don't intend to use these content as a commercial purpose then you're welcomed. We're happy that there are more people who can see and share our products.


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Company: Spcosplay. Dong Hang Trading

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Get contact with us via: service@spcosplay.com

Company office address(not return address): No. 1-12, Wuli Credit Union, Chungu South Road, Jishan Town, Wuhu City, Anhui Province